Lego promises 'more girls' in magazine after four-year-old's letter points out lack of females

Jacob Jarvis

A four-year-old girl has been promised future Lego magazines will have more female characters after writing a letter asking “for more girls”.

A handwritten note from the girl shared by her father, actor Samuel West, on Twitter said: “To LEGO magazine people,

“Can you put some more girls in your magazine please?”

She signed the letter off with love and received a response after her father’s Twitter post.

Alongside her letter, Mr West wrote: “My daughter, four, loves Lego, football and blue, so she was delighted to get the new Lego City magazine. Then she noticed that of the 29 people who talk in it, only one is female, and she speaks once, to agree with a man.”

A member of the Lego Group later replied on Twitter and said: “We think your daughter rocks! We look forward to receiving her letter. Like you, we believe LEGO play is for everyone & that our magazines need to reflect that.

“We’ll review future editions to make sure this is the case. We hope your daughter will always love LEGO, football and blue.”

Mr West said his daughter would be “delighted” at the response.

“Thank you for that generous response. She'll be delighted to have had an acknowledgement so quickly,” he wrote.

The letter was commended as being “brilliant” and “excellent” by those on Twitter.