Building a steady recovery: Amputee gets creative by making world's first LEGO prosthetic

Christina Stevens, 31, became creative after tragically having her foot crushed under a car in a freak accident earlier this year

Christina filmed herself over two days building the unique prosthetic. (Caters)

An amputee who lost her leg in a freak accident has turned tragedy into creativity - by making the world's first LEGO prosthetic.

Christina Stevens, 31, from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA made the difficult decision to have her leg amputated in February after her foot was crushed under her Toyota Prius.

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She said: 'I was changing the brakes on my car when it fell off the jackstands and landed on my foot. It broke eight bones in my foot, tore a bunch of tendons, caused nerve and vascular damage.'
'The surgeons wanted to save my foot with a partial amputation and several surgeries, but I elected to have an amputation because I knew a prosthetic foot would be more functional.'
Christina with her complete prosthetic Lego leg. (Caters)
And now she has turned her creative hand into making a prosthetic leg made entirely of Lego bricks, after a work colleague suggested it as a joke.

She decided to film the process, and her video has now gone viral, with viewers all over the world amazed at her achievement.

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Christina, an occupational therapist, has chronicled her journey from foot crush injury to amputation, and her recent Lego creation.
She said: 'It only took me about two hours to make the lego leg, but I filmed it over two days.'
Christina had to have her left leg amputated after the freak accident earlier this year. (Caters)
'People mostly seem to think the Legoleg is awesome and they love how creative I have been with my situation, having had to lose my foot to an accident.'
'I think being an amputee will make me a better therapist. I can show that I know what it's like to have limited mobility and the people I help and I will be more like peers.'


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