LEGO Unveil 'Batman Returns' Batcave

The LEGO Group has unveiled its latest Batman set - the LEGO Batman Returns Batcave Shadow Box. It is based on the Warner Bros. Pictures’ 1992 film Batman Returns, and features the full Batcave inside a display box with a cutout in the shape of the iconic Batman emblem. At the heart of the set is the Dark Knight’s’s Batmobile and the set features clever functions and gadgets including the ability to move furniture change images on the big screen and open a vault. In addition, the set comes with brand new minifigures of the characters from Tim Burton’s sequel to Tim Burton’s 1989 movie Batman Catwoman and The Penguin, as well as Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, and Max Shreck. The new LEGO Batman Shadow Box set is available for LEGO VIPs from 5 June 2023. It is available for all from 8 June 2023.