The Lehman Trilogy is transferring to the West End's Piccadilly Theatre

Zoe Paskett
Mark Douet

The National Theatre’s production of The Lehman Trilogy is transferring to the West End.

Currently running at the National until October 20, Ben Power’s adaptation of Stefano Massini’s Italian play will run at the Piccadilly Theatre in May for a limited 12 week season.

Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles will reprise their roles in the production directed by Sam Mendes.

The trio tell the story of the company that changed the world’s financial landscape, beginning in 1844 and tracing the family’s lineage through to a bankruptcy that triggered the largest economic crisis in history 163 years later.

The Standard's review by Henry Hitchings gave the show four stars, saying the three actors "slip in and out of a multitude of roles with impressive dexterity".

Massini’s The Lehman Trilogy opened in Milan in 2015, when Mendes decided he wanted to produce an English version.

Mendes said: “The Lehman Trilogy was developed over three years without the constraint of a schedule, or even a destination – I was allowed time to find its form, and to build a wonderful team with which to make it.

“One of the chief joys has been to work across borders with two great writers, and to invite three of the finest actors of their generation to work with us.”

Tickets go on sale on November 2.