Leicester placed in special lockdown with schools and non-essential shops told to shut

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    Brexit Wrecksit
    The question is, how much testing are they doing in Leicester.

    My area, Morecambe Bay, was said to have the highest infection rate outside of London, which seemed puzzling as there hadn't been an especially high death rate reported in the 3 hospitals the health authority covers.

    Turned out it's because somehow the local health authority procured lots of testing kits early on, so they have tested more than other towns, and the more you test the more infections you likely find.

    The Chief Medical Officer stated a month ago that the true background infection level was 10 times what the national testing suggested, something people need to remember when projecting portentous death rates.
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    Reminds me when i was doing a building survey on a house in Luton. Went to a bedroom to get access to loft area. Placed ladder against wall and got onto the bed to step up and by jingo - 4 heads appeared from under the quilt, all men sharing a bed. All of from a place from the middle and far east. House over crowded. there were many others all in separate rooms. Not surprising the virus cannot be controlled in such circumstances.
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    If you went to certain parts of Leicester during lockdown you would know why. Not much social distancing among certain sectors of society, especially those on the high infection list of peoples. Plus, they do live in large family groups.
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    Entirely sensible. If communities refuse to exercise common sense and observe logical guidelines of behaviour there are bound to be consequences. They may not wish to be protected from themselves, but everyone else has that right.
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    The local councilor blamed lack of appropriate housing , he blamed large families living in small 2/3 bedroom houses where up to 20 people could live , he also blamed that Covid19 wasn't explained properly and the message wasn't clear enough for some of the population of Leicester . It was everyone's fault apart from his constituents
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    and what will happen when London's cases rise? no doubt we will ALL get shut down again
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    Imogen Jayne Harrison
    Now do people understand something here. If there is a flare up followed by a lockdown in the future. There will be no furlough, no mortgage breaks, no nothing. Just a lockdown and financial pain.
    Next time you feel like having a march, a rave, or a trip to the beach, just remember that.
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    'extra funding will be made available to councils to help with translating government advice" I thought Leicester was in England?
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    Early on the figures for Leicester showed less Covid in the city than the county. That was just about impossible in my view.
    The stubborn attitude of a minority of Asian males (whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh ) has contributed to this outbreak. They just don't think the rules apply to them.
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    Jean S
    Leicester was described as 'proudly diverse'. They then went on to describe other 'proudly diverse' areas which might need similar action. Here we go....