Leicester's secondary schools ranked highest and lowest for student progress

Leicester’s top five and lowest five schools for student progress have been named in a new study. Rushey Mead Academy on Melton Road in the city was top of the list, whilst Lancaster Academy on Knighton Lane East, recently rated as ‘good’ by Ofsted, showed the lowest.

The school attainment report* ranked secondary schools in Leicester based on their average Progress 8 score by using information provided on the government website. The government uses Progress 8 as a way of measuring how well students make progress at secondary school compared to pupils at other schools “with similar academic starting positions”.

The academic starting point begins at the end of key stage two (year six or the last year of primary school) with a student’s results in English and maths assessments (SATS) to the end of key stage four (years ten and eleven when they take GCSEs).

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In 2016, Progress 8 replaced the previous measure of school performance 5A*-C including English and maths. According to government claims, Progress 8 is a better way to show how students of all abilities have progressed compared to their peers.