New Leigh restaurant set to open soon at 'eyesore' site despite 'delays'

New - Restaurant set to come to Leigh soon <i>(Image: Google Maps / Canva)</i>
New - Restaurant set to come to Leigh soon (Image: Google Maps / Canva)

BOSSES behind a new Leigh restaurant have insisted it is nearly completed despite delays and complaints the boarded site has become an eyesore.

Picante were given the green light to open a new Italian restaurant back in April 2022.

Bosses were also granted a license to sell booze, in the site which will be located in the former Tui travel agents.

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The business will also be owned by the same people who run the nearby independent restaurant The Brunch Company, located at 69 Broadway.

In a post on social media, they wrote: “We are close to completion, and we can’t wait to share what we have in store for you all.

“Our sister restaurant Picante will open its doors to the public soon.

“Keep your eyes peeled.”

Back in September 2022, councillors raised concerns at the boarded-up business calling for it to open “as a matter of urgency” due to the boarded-up look “impacting the area’s image”.

Currently there are still boards up around the new planned restaurants with councillors continuing to urge them to open or at least give some colour.

John Lamb, Conservative councillor responsible for West Leigh ward, said: “I looked at it the other day and it is all boarded up still.

“It didn’t look like anything had been started, but it is just all boarded up.

“It is so frustrating.

“The problem is you can’t even see anything, there is no colour, no information about what is going on, no program, or nothing about what is happening.

“It is not good for the town as it makes it look as if that area is derelict and it is not, it is a vibrant area.

“We want the boards down, and to see what is going on as it has been such a long wait.

“That is the frustration. Hopefully there is work going on behind the boards and it opens soon.”

Plans for the restaurant submitted to the council show around 30 tables including an events space, a bar area and toilets.

The owners were contacted for comment by the Echo.