LeMond Considers Presidency Bid

LeMond Considers Presidency Bid

Three-times Tour de France winner Greg LeMond says he could run for the presidency of cycling's governing body (UCI), in a bid to clean up the sport.

The American wants a fundamental shake-up and after joining pressure group 'Change Cycling Now' he's calling for International Cycling Union president Pat McQuaid to step down.

LeMond said: "Cycling needs radical change It needs leadership. It needs to have the doping part of it separated. I think there are probably some very good, talented people in the UCI. Can that be separated to a neutral party where it's got transparency? Maybe. But it can't be tied to the UCI. And then you need somebody that is... has some conviction of wanting to change the sport and you know, I think there are people out there.

"Would I be an interim president? That's what Change Cycling Now wanted to talk me into. I said I would do it to help the sport, but you know, I'm not doing this to become president. No. I'm actually doing this because I want to be back in the sport and I'd like to come back to the Tour and watch the Tour. And my kids... they love cycling and I think it's worth an attempt to change the sport."

McQuaid's critics want him to step down because of the UCI's failure to detect any wrong-doing by Lance Armstrong, and the subsequent fallout after he was given a lifetime ban and stripped of his titles by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

LeMond added: "He (Lance Armstrong) is not alone in this. There are other people and he had to have a coordinated effort. Its like what happened to Floyd Landis and Tyler Hamilton.

"Floyd lost everything and he wasn't the only one, there were people who were helping him, pushing him, so he got to a point where there, you know, there's only so much you're willing to hold to yourself."