Ready for my close-up: Limelight-loving lemur takes its very own 'selfie'

This limelight-loving lemur has joined the likes of Rihanna, Kelly Brook and Helen Flanagan - by posing for its very own 'selfie'.

The hilarious images were taken by famed wildlife photographer Simone Sbaraglia who couldn't help but laugh as the lemurs lapped up the attention.

With no natural predators on Madagascar the ringtail lemurs can run free - and they're not shy in approaching wildlife photographers.

Simone, who captured the Selfies during a recent trip to the African island's Vakona Nature Reserve, said: 'The lemurs in Madagascar are extremely confident due to the substantial absence of predators.

'Furthermore they are habituated to humans and to the guides that sometimes feed them for the benefit of the tourists.

'I spent a whole day photographing these ringtail lemurs. They are curious by nature and several times they came really close and held the camera in their hands, looking down the lens, as if trying to understand what I was doing.

'It was so funny that I kept photographing them until night came.'