Lena Dunham feels 'protective' of Taylor Swift in 'every way'

Lena Dunham has admitted she feels "protective" of her good friend Taylor Swift.

The two women have been friends since 2012 after Lena called Taylor's Red album, "triumphant" on Twitter.

In 2014, Lena joined Taylor onstage during her 1989 World Tour, and in 2021 Taylor was a bridesmaid at Lena's wedding to Luis Felber.

"I'm always very careful to be protective of her in every single way," Lena told the New York Times. "Probably the two things I get asked most in life are, 'What is Taylor like?' and 'Can I have tickets to the Eras Tour?' And usually my answer to both things is 'no', but I will say that she's everything that you would want her to be."

She added, "She's kind, she's devoted, she's introspective, she's emotional, she's funny as f**k. I guess my feeling sometimes is, 'Isn't she giving us enough, guys?'"

She added, "Even since before Taylor and I were friends, I just always had felt such a deep connection to her music," before admitting Taylor's Reputation Era is her favourite album, "because it's so much about 'If you're not going to see me, if you're going to so refuse to understand what's in front of you and what I'm trying to say, then why don't I just put on a black catsuit and move it all the way over to villain mode?'"