Less than a third of local NHS staff 'are happy with the standard of care'

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A survey of staff has revealed that fewer than a third of people at the Mid and South Essex NHS Integrated Care System (ICS) would be happy with their friends and family receiving the current standard of care. The findings were released in a document produced for the organisation's upcoming Board meeting on July 11.

The survey of staff, which does not include colleagues working in other local healthcare provider organisations, found that just 30 per cent would be happy with the standard of care provided by the organisation if a friend or relative needed treatment in May 2024. This was a marginal decrease from 31 per cent in November 2023.

It also said that the percentage of people who have "experienced discrimination from patients, their relatives or members of the public" has increased from four per cent to six per cent. The percentage of staff who have "experienced discrimination from managers, team leaders or other colleagues in the last six months" has also increased from eight per cent to 12 per cent.

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The Mid and South Essex ICS is a partnership of primary care, hospital, social care, mental health, community health and voluntary services. Their purpose is to improve the health and well-being of the people living in mid and south Essex.

Kathy Bonney, Interim Chief People Officer of NHS Mid and South Essex, said: "As an organisation, we do not tolerate discrimination or abuse of our staff, and recognise that all colleagues deserve and expect to be able to do their jobs in a supportive environment. We recognise that developing a culture where staff are encouraged and supported to report and escalate instances of discrimination is essential to stopping it and supporting staff welfare, which ultimately helps to ensure that people in mid and south Essex get the health services they deserve.

"Earlier this year we launched a comprehensive organisational development plan to improve ICS staff’s experiences in the workplace and regularly check in with staff on their wellbeing."

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