'Let Her Kiss You': Friendly Octopus Embraces Free Diver

Free diver Jules Casey and her diving partner were exploring the waters of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria in late January when a Maori octopus decided to explore them back.

In a video Casey posted to her Instagram page on January 28, the magnificent mollusk can be seen moving along the ocean floor and checking out the divers’ cameras.

The video then cuts to a new shot of Casey’s partner floating inches away from the octopus, as he hovers just above the ocean floor to take photos. The octopus then bypasses the camera and extends its tentacles toward the man’s head.

The creature latches some of its tentacles onto the man’s head and goggles before he moves away, prompting Casey to caption the video, “When a huge Maori Octopus wants a kiss what do you do??? You let her kiss you.”

The Maori octopus commonly lives in the waters near southern Australia and New Zealand, and is the third biggest octopus in the world. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

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