Let It Shine: Collaboration Night - and band names revealed

What a show – perfect Saturday night entertainment.

High octane all the way with luminous guest stars, all having the most fabulous time on stage. Lulu wanted them to knock her socks off, and they obliged.

It’s the nicest show on telly – positive and happy; it wasn’t a case of sending 15 boys home, it was all about putting 25 boys through. None of us watching envied the judges, but such is the care that’s gone into looking after these youngsters (and they’re mostly young’uns) even those leaving were thrilled to have taken part and are still cheering on the mates they bonded with.

We started with all 40 on stage together, directed by Drill-Sargeant Dannii, before the 5 bands of 8 were revealed.

Group 1 comprised Sario, Curtis, Yazdan, Nick, Scott, Tyler, AJ and Connor, singing with Olly Murs. And we got our money’s worth, as the show tested their stamina from the off. Gone are the 2 minute auditions – the medleys gave them a good 5-6 minutes together. It was Tyler, Connor and Scott who failed to make the cut.

Olly Murs leads his group on Let it Shine

Group 2 was Clinton, Jordan, Harry, Veeraj, Damien, Alexis, Dylan and Matt, in duet with the legend that is Beverley Knight, who left them all a bit (ahem, a lot) starstruck. We lost Veeraj, Damien and Dylan.

The starstruck Beverley Knight group

Group 3 saw Josh, Matt, Anthony, Luke, Connor, Dan, Craig and Deaglan join Busted on stage, after some theatre coaching from Martin on learning to trust one another more. It was Luke, Dan and Deaglan who missed out.

The Busted group partied all the way

Group 4 brought Jamie, Callum, Jazzie, Jonnie, Harry, Ryan, Mark and Sam together with the Kaiser Chiefs – but before we get to the show, both Harry and Callum have pulled out. Harry decided it wasn’t really for him, while Callum got an amazing offer in the West End. Keith and Jordan from the reserve pool replace them but sadly, they fail to progress – along with one of my favourites, Sam (the Buble lookalike *sobs*)

The Kaiser Chiefs with their group

Group 5 put some of the standout auditionees together, with Jason, Danny, Bradley, Nicky, Julius, Huw, Hercules and Kyle all joining Melanie C. A tough call for the judges, but they had to go with who fit the mould of the band best, so the wonderful Kyle lost out alongside Nicky and Hercules.

Melanie C kept her group under control

The show is being a bit mysterious with how it progresses. The bottom 2 bands will go head to head for the judges … and then the info stops. And there’s a twist. So look away now if you don’t want to know what I think that might be.

Obviously, one or more of the top performers could end up in the bottom 2. So rather than send one of the existing bands home in its entirety, I’m making the huge assumption that the judges will save 5 from the 10 lads in the bottom 2, thus forming a new incarnation of one of the bands – using the name of the one that had most boys saved. Clear as mud, yes? That’s all I’ve got – the website is sadly lacking info and @LetItShine ignored me. Let’s just say spite-nose-face-cutting if that isn’t what happens.

The Bands

The five new bands on Let It Shine

Five to Five: Curtis T Johns; AJ Bentley; Yazdan Qafouri; Sario Solomon; Nick Carsberg

Iron Sun: Alexis Gerred; Matt Knight; Clinton Elvis; Harry Brown; Jordan Harvey

Neon Panda: Craig Webb; Anthony Sahota; Josh Bailey; Matt Thorpe; Conor McLaughlin

Drive: Mark Angels; Jamie Corner; Jazzie Mattis; Jonnie Halliwell; Ryan Butterworth

Nightfall: Danny Colligan; Jason Brock; Huw Roberts; Bradley Johnson; Julius Wright

And you can see them bonding here – go on, it’s fun. They’re learning to walk together in slow motion ‘n’ everything.

The first live show starts at 6.55pm next week.

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