Let’s turn our hands to British Sign Language

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Could I suggest that Richard Simcott gives British Sign Language a go (Experience: I speak more than 50 languages, 12 August)? It has faced centuries of oppression and at times in history has been banned in the most cruel ways (schoolchildren punished for signing, for example). The UK did not recognise BSL as an official minority language until 2003 and the fight for inclusion and acceptance goes on. Could Richard please let us know how he gets on?
Salli Ward
Northolt, London

• It’s a pity that bees, elephants, sloths and wallabies can’t read, or they would have been massively cheered up by Gaia Vince’s article on climate-driven migration (The century of climate migration: why we need to plan for the great upheaval, 18 August). I guess the best bet is for each of us to carry a kangaroo to Antarctica and start rewilding. Birds can sort themselves out, surely, and maybe we can leave the cockroaches.
Philip Bird
East Stour, Dorset

• I am really offended, not even joking, that the country that sells hamburger (“mince”) in a can and hot dogs in a can is so rude and dismissive about American cheeses (Thursday quiz, 18 August). Go enjoy your spotted dick (aka cake) in a can. Feh.
Laura Euler
Montauk, New York, USA

• You report in the print edition (Athletics: European Championships, 19 August) that Keely Hodgkinson won her 800m semi-final having “led from tape to gun”. Was she running backwards?
Phillip Khan-Panni
Naas, County Kildare, Ireland

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