Letter: Anyone who thinks a united Ireland will not have taken place by 2061 might want to reflect on their grasp of reality

Letters to editor (Photo: JP)
Letters to editor (Photo: JP)

Where would we be without a crisis, whether or not it is real or contrived?

Apparently it is a matter of concern that Leo Varadkar thinks there will be a united Ireland in his lifetime. As a 44 year old man with a life expectancy of 82 years, that leaves us with a period of 38 years in which a united Ireland might occur.

I am minded to suggest that anyone who thinks that a united Ireland - in whatever format that is finally agreed - will not have taken place by 2061, nine changes of government and nearly two generations away, might want to reflect on their grasp of reality.

I presume the secretary of state, who said Mr Varadkar's comments were “unhelpful”, felt that adding a little excitement at this moment would prove useful for his own purposes, including those who think paranoia is a political skill.

Brendan Milligan, Downpatrick, Co Down