Letter: Bill Sellars obituary

I will always be grateful to Bill Sellars because he gave me my first job, when I was at drama school in Birmingham in 1968, in his series The Newcomers.

I was suddenly working with people I had only seen on TV: Wendy Richard, Robin Bailey and Maggie Fitzgibbon, to name a few. I did not see Bill Sellars until the final day of rehearsals, when he came in to watch the run-through with the anoraks, which is what the rest of the cast called the crew. He asked me how I was finding things – I hadn’t told any of the cast that it was my first TV role – and said he was very pleased to see it was going well for me.

Our paths crossed again when I was doing some episodes of Crossroads at ATV in Birmingham. When we spoke, I found I was treating him like a teacher – I always called him Mr Sellars. He must have found that amusing but he was very approachable and a great nurturer of talent.