Letter: Lucky Gordon obituary

Joe Boyd
Lucky Gordon, right, and Johnny Edgecombe, both witnesses in the Profumo affair, leave the Treasury with a police escort in July 1963. Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images

Chris Salewicz’s obituary of Lucky Gordon acknowledged two points on which Gordon’s account differed from those of others involved in the Profumo affair. Stephen Dorril, co-author of the book Honeytrap: The Scandal, interviewed Stephen Ward’s friend the painter Vasco Lazzolo before the latter’s death. Lazzolo confirmed that he, rather than John Profumo, was the well-dressed gent in the car outside the Rio Cafe who had accompanied Ward and Christine Keeler on a trip to buy pot. Profumo may have been reckless, but he loathed Ward and would not have been involved in such a venture.

When Keeler, bored with being on the run with Johnny Edgecombe, retreated to Ward’s flat and hid, giggling, under the sofa, as Edgecombe fired at Ward’s front door, her only company was a furious Mandy Rice-Davies. Keeler’s interviews with both Dorril and myself, as co-producer of the film Scandal, confirmed that Gordon was the last person she would have allowed in the flat that day. Rice-Davies also told me that she detested Lucky and would never have allowed him in the flat. Gordon was offered sizeable fees to tell his version of the story in connection with the production of Scandal, but he declined.

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