A-Level results in Hampshire: Determined St Vincent College student achieves distinctions despite moving to UK from Germany in Year 10

Melissa Francis has distinction stars in both Applied Psychology and Business.Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 170823-07)

Melissa Francis moved to the UK from Germany when she was in Year 10 and although she could communicate and speak English, she had to adjust to a new education system, terminology and vocabulary.

Despite these challenges, the teenager has received distinction stars this morning in business and psychology, and she is getting ready to go to the University of Bath to study management and marketing.

Melissa’s teacher, Ali Kent, is over the moon at her results and she said that she is a ‘superstar’ and that ‘she has had to do an awful lot of work in terms of learning new vocab and learning the education system.’

Ali said: “She is incredible. If you look at how hard working and determined she is, it’s amazing – her work ethic is incredible.”

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Melissa said: “I am really happy. I thought I would do okay but I got the best and it’s amazing.

"It was difficult and hard when we came to the UK but I am really happy of how I am now and that I was able to make it.

Uki Francis, Melissa’ mum, said: “I can’t express the words. I am really overwhelmed, I’m so excited, I’m so proud, I’m just over the moon. I am really proud of my girl.

"She could communicate but she didn’t have the vocabulary so had to learn everything here.”