Levi Bellfield ‘feels sorry for Wayne Couzens and protects him in jail’

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Levi Bellfield ‘feels sorry for Wayne Couzens and protects him in jail’

Wayne Couzens has been getting protection from Levi Bellfield in jail because he feels sorry for him, according to reports.

The disgraced police officer used his Met police badge and Covid rules to stage a fake arrest to snatch Sarah Everard, 33, from the streets of London before raping and murdering her and burning her body.

Just before Christmas, the murderer moved into HMP Frankland in County Durham in the last two weeks where Bellfield has been serving time behind bars.

Now three-time murderer Bellfield has reportedly taken pity on Couzens because of his small height of 5ft 9in and stepped in to protect him.

The serial killer has apparently issued a warning to other inmates not to touch Couzens.

A source told The Sun: “Levi put the word about they should not touch Couzens or bully him.

“Not a lot of people mess with Levi. He told others they were all inside for serious crimes so should not judge. It is a bizarre situation.

“He is the last person you would expect to be protecting a former police officer.”

Couzens was ordered to a whole-life term behind bars for the murder of Ms Everard.

At the time of sentencing, Lord Justice Fulford said the pain caused to Ms Everard’s family and friends must not be forgotten.

“Sarah Everard was a wholly blameless victim of a grotesquely executed series of offences that culminated in her death and the disposal of her body,” he said.

“She was simply walking home in the mid-evening, having visited a friend during the Covid pandemic.

“She was an intelligent, resourceful, talented, and much-loved young woman, still in the early years of her life. I have not the slightest doubt the defendant used his position as a police officer to coerce her in a wholly false pretext into the car he had hired for this very purpose.”

Bellfield is one of the most dangerous serial killers in Britain.

He is serving a life sentence after he murdered Milly Dowler, 13, Marsha McDonnell, 19, and Amelie Delagrange, 22.

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