Levi's Vintage Clothing Revives the "Viola" Jean

From its inception during the American Gold Rush in the 1850's to today, the heritage denim brand, Levi's has long cemented itself into history. Just in time for spring, the brand's vintage vertical is recreating its Lot 401 jeans, famously heralded as the first pair of women's blue jeans.

The Lot 401, also known as the "Viola" jeans, were released in the 1930's as a precursor to the more commonly known and beloved Lot 701 jeans, or "Lady" Levi's. The original Lot 401s were recovered in 2017 and are the oldest women's jeans in the Levi's archive.

The jeans were named after Viola Longacre, a student at Fresno State's Sierra Summer School. Longacre was studying to become a teacher and because her classes were often outside in the Sierra National Forest, her jeans perfectly complemented her day-to-day needs. Her pair featured a cloth patch; made with shrink-to-fit selvedge denim and have her name inscribed in the pocket.

The reproductions include all of the original details from Viola's pair along with a photo of Viola and a letter describing the jeans and her story– all delivered in a Levi's Vintage Clothing tote. You can shop the re-released Lot 401 jeans on the brand's website, at select Levi's stores and on the Levi's app.

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