Lewis Hamilton slammed for his 'insincere apology' after 'gender-shaming' his nephew

On Christmas Day, Lewis Hamilton stunned his fans when he uploaded a video to his Instagram story that showed him criticise his young nephew for wearing a princess dress.

The star deleted the video following a wave of backlash from his followers and eventually issued an apology, however, the Formula 1 champ has now been slammed for the “insincerity” of his apology.

Lewis posted the video on Christmas Day. Copyright: [Instagram]

Writing on Twitter last night, Lewis said: “Yesterday I was playing around with my nephew and realised that my words were inappropriate so I removed the post. I meant no harm and did not mean to offend anyone at all. I love that my nephew feels free to express himself as we all should.

“My deepest apologies for my behaviour as I realise it is really not acceptable for anyone, no matter where you are from, to marginalise or stereotype anyone.

“I have always been in support of anyone living their life exactly how they wish and I hope I can be forgiven for this lapse in judgement.”

Lewis told his nephew that ‘boys don’t wear princess dresses’. Copyright: [Instagram]

However, eagle-eyed fans soon noticed that despite Lewis claiming he’d “realised” his words were “inappropriate”, he’d also liked a whole series of tweets from fans that defended his behaviour.

One of Lewis’ liked tweets read: “The fact you are apologising for this is ridiculous. You did nothing wrong, you were having a laugh with your family.”

Others included: “You’ve done absolutely nothing wrong Lewis. You should never have to apologise to the PC brigade who are getting worse every year.”

“Lewis no harm done just having a joke with a child! The worlds gone mad with politically correctness.”

Lewis apologised for mocking his nephew. Copyright: [Getty]

And: “You have nothing to be sorry for mate.”

Taking to social media, critics pointed out the double standards from Lewis’ account:

In the original Instagram video, Lewis told his fans “I’m so sad right now, look at my nephew” before panning the camera to the young boy, wearing a dress.

Lewis then asks him: “Why are you wearing a princess dress? Is that what you got for Christmas?

“Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas? Boys don’t wear princess dresses.”

Yahoo Celeb UK have contacted Lewis’ rep for comment.

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