Lewisburg resident, coach competed on 'The Price is Right'

Jan. 17—A cross-country and track and field coach at Lewisburg Area School District competed on "The Price Is Right" in an episode that aired on Jan. 15.

Gary Stiner, of Lewisburg, represented Lewisburg with pride by wearing a yellow shirt with the words "Lewisburg Middle School XC Classic" on it and shouting out his sons, his sisters, the cross country athletes and all the people of Lewisburg.

While Stiner didn't walk away with the showcase prize, he said the experience was a "once in a lifetime happening."

"I didn't have any expectations going there and ended up having so much fun, which I got to share with my sister," said Stiner, the coach for both the junior high boys and girls cross country program and the varsity boys track and field at Lewisburg Area School District.

"Nobody knows when they get there if they're going to get called up or not to participate in the show. I was just fortunate enough to be one of the nine people who got called up that day."

Stiner said his sister always wanted to go on the show, so they purchased tickets online. They were at two tapings on Dec. 11 and Dec. 12.

Announcer George Gray came out and talked to the 175 people in the audience to get them pumped up. A short time later, the taping starts as they call the first four individuals up to bid on items.

Stiner was called as a contestant at the 11:12 mark on the show. Stiner excitedly came to the front while high-fiving audience members.

"They called my name after the first game was played and I couldn't believe it," he said. "You always hope to hear your name called but could never imagine it happening."

He bid on a pair of Dyson air purifiers and was the closest at $785 without going over the actual price of $1,080.

He played and won the game Cliffhangers. He was presented with three items — a 76-piece art set, a light-up basketball and a 3-in-1 desktop laminating machine — and had to guess the price of each. For every dollar he was off, the figure would climb the mountain by one number. He had $25 to work with.

"I got a chance to play one of my favorite games from when I was a kid, the Cliffhanger game, with the little mountaineering guy," said Stiner. "I ended up winning a portable tent camping trailer (worth $6,098)."

He was then allowed to spin the wheel twice with two other contestants. He got a .40 and a .55, adding up to .95 cents. The goal is $1 or less. He won the wheel spin and moved on to be featured in the Showcase Round.

During the Showcase, Stiner competed for a six-night stay in Montreal, a brand new Bayliner Element M-15 Powerboat, trailer and water skis, and $2,500 in cash. He guessed the price at $24,444, which was under by $8,546.

Since the difference was more than his competitor's difference, he lost the Showcase to Brittney Pino, whom Stiner met earlier in the waiting room.

"I was very happy for her," said Stiner.

Meeting host Drew Cary was "great," he said.

"During the breaks, he would come out and talk with the audience and answer questions and I was on stage I got to chat with him a little bit," he said. "It was crazy. When the whole audience on three different occasions started chanting: 'Gary, Gary, Gary!' Even Drew Carey did it one time, made me laugh."

All the people who worked there — from the ticket people to the waiting room attendant to the three producers to the stagehands — were helpful; Gray and Drew were fun, Stiner said.

"The overall experience was a once-in-a-life happening," said Stiner. "It was so fun and so exciting. I would recommend it to anybody to go out and at least do one taping."