Lewisham Council's chief executive is paid more than the Prime Minister

Lewisham Council
Lewisham Council

A departed South London council boss was paid £60,000 more than prime minister Boris Johnson last year.

Recently retired Southwark Council chief executive Eleanor Kelly was handed a paycheque of £217,687 in 2021.

Mr Johnson took home just £157,372 in the same year from his job as prime minister and MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Ms Kelly took early retirement from the council earlier this year after a decade in the top job.

Southwark Council has delayed publishing its 2022 accounts due to “resourcing challenges.”

Ms Kelly’s replacement, Althea Loderick, received an eye watering payout of £242,000 from her previous role as head of Newham Council last year.

Lambeth’s Council’s recently departed chief executive Andrew Travers received a paycheque of £185,000 in 2020/21 – £27,628 more than the prime minister took home from his two roles in the same period.

The average UK worker took home £611 per week as of April 2021 – or the equivalent of £31,772 per year.

Mr Travers’s successor Bayo Dosunmu will rake in an annual salary of £171,366 from the role.

Lewisham’s Kim Wright, who was appointed to the top job at the council in 2019, is paid a yearly wage of £184,950.

In Southwark, five members of senior council staff, including Ms Kelly, were paid more than the prime minister in 2020/21.

Strategic director of finance and governance, Duncan Whitfield, received £191,901 – £34,529 more than Boris Johnson.

Both Michael Scorer, the council’s strategic director of housing and modernisation, and David Quirke-Thornton, Southwark’s strategic director of children’s and adults’ services, earned £179,778.

Meanwhile the council’s strategic director of environment and leisure, Caroline Bruce, received £168,492 – £11,120 more than the prime minister.

Boris Johnson received £81,932 from his MP job in 2020/21. He was entitled to another £79,936 for his role as prime minister.

Mr Johnson claimed £75,440 of the money. In 2021/22, MP salaries increased to £84,144, taking Mr Johnson’s annual income from his two roles up to £159,584.

In Lambeth, two members of senior council staff were paid more than the prime minister in 2021/22.

Both Fiona Mcdermott, the council’s strategic director of finance and investment, and Merlin Joseph, Lambeth’s strategic director of children’s services earned £168,866 – £9,282 more than Boris Johnson.

The council paid the recently departed boss of its house building company Homes for Lambeth £188,700.

Jitinder Takhar received £29,116 more than the prime minister. In April, Ms Takhar revealed on LinkedIn that she was leaving the job of three years to “recharge”.

Christopher Toye, executive head teacher of four schools in Lambeth – Wyvil School, Ashmole Primary School, Vauxhall Primary School and Herbert Morrison Primary School – raked in £178,505 from the council.

No senior staff at Lewisham Council earned more than the prime minister in 2021/22 other than chief executive Kim Wright.