LG Hecto Laser TV to deliver 100-inch screen from 22-inches away

Stuart Miles
LG Hecto Laser TV to deliver 100-inch screen from 22-inches away. Projectors, LG, CES2013 0

LG has announced a 100-inch Laser TV (read projector) that features both Smart TV and Digital TV capabilities.

The 100-inch class LG "HECTO" Laser TV comes with a special screen in an to projector to offer Full HD 1080p resolution on something that isn't your just your wall.

What LG is getting excited about however, is that unlike traditional projectors that need a fair bit of distance to work, the Hecto, needs a distance of just 22-inches to create a 100-inch image.

On the spec front, LG's Laser TV offers 1080p Full HD resolution and 1,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It also comes with a digital tuner and two 10W built-in speakers embedded in the projector to support virtual surround sound for a more authentic cinema experience at home although you'll probably want to connect it to a proper surround sound system.

The Laser TV will come with a screen

Connecting things, like your Blu-ray player, or console to the Hecto should be easy - it comes with three HDMIs, as well as RS-232 interface, will allow for integration into virtually any home cinema environment.

The Laser TV also supports LG's Smart TV platform, which access to Netflix,  YouTube, Smart World app store, and others via built-in Wi-Fi. There is also built-in WiDi and Wi-Fi direct (Miracast) support.

No word on price or availability as yet, however with CES 2013 just weeks away we expect more information and details shortly. 

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