LGBT protesters storm Dorchester Hotel over Brunei's gay sex laws

Gay rights activists storm and block the entrance of the Sultan-owned Dorchester hotel in central London in a protest against Brunei imposing a death by stoning penalty law against gays and adulterers on Saturday (April 6). Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry said: “Just because of who they love they are being hated and the Sultan of Brunei is taking Brunei back into the medieval era and it’s wrong. In the 21st century there are certain basic things and basic human rights must be abided by. It is an affront to our values and to the values of the Commonwealth. “Unless the Sultan of Brunei changes his mind I think that he should be suspended from the Commonwealth, because too often the Commonwealth talks a good tal, but actually they turn a blind eye to LGBT abuse which are happening which are happening around the world and this is a line in the sand.”