Liam Fox mocked over his no-deal Brexit trade agreement with Iceland and Norway

International trade secretary Liam Fox announced a new deal this week (Picture: PA)

Liam Fox has been mocked on Twitter after he announced he had secured a trade deal for the UK with Iceland and Norway.

The international trade secretary said on Monday that the new agreement would allow British businesses to trade freely with the two countries if the UK leaves the European Union without a Brexit deal.

On Twitter, he wrote: “BREAKING: Our negotiators have just initialled a trade agreement with Iceland & Norway for the European Economic Area.

“This is the 2nd biggest agreement we’re rolling over and trade with EEA is worth nearly £30bn.

“This is on top of the agreement we’ve signed with Liechtenstein.”

Dr Fox said the agreement, which is subject to final checks before it is expected to be signed next week, was a “major milestone” in the Brexit preparations.

It will replicate the existing European Economic Area agreement (EEA) as far as possible, the Department for International Trade said.

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Dr Fox said: “We have just reached agreement with Iceland and Norway to ensure continued access for British businesses to the European Economic Area should we leave the EU without a deal.

“This is one of the largest trade agreements we are party to as a result of our membership of the EU.

“Combined with the agreement we have already signed with Liechtenstein and Switzerland, it accounts for close to half of the trade we’re seeking continuity for.”

However, he was mocked by critics on Twitter over the deal.

Labour MP David Lammy tweeted in response: “STOP THE PRESS: After Brexit we can continue trading with Iceland (population 338,000), Liechtenstein (population 37,000) and Norway (population 5 million) – all of which are already trading partners. This changes everything.”

Writer Damien Owens tweeted: “Now I’m depressed. I will never write anything as funny as ‘This is on top of the agreement we’ve signed with Liechtenstein.’”

Comedy writer James Felton tweeted: “That’s a victory is it? Rolling over (not improving) agreements we already had with several tiny countries whilst leaving the biggest single market in the world? Righto.”

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