Liam Gallagher adopts rescued dog 'Buttons' from Thai animal sanctuary run by man from Northern Ireland

Liam Gallagher and Buttons (Photo: Niall Harbison)
Liam Gallagher and Buttons (Photo: Niall Harbison)

The fairytale life story began when the stray, called Buttons, was rescued into an animal sanctuary in Thailand owner by Co Tyrone man Niall Harbison.

According to a Tweet from Niall Harbison @NiallHarbison, Button went from ‘being dumped in the Thai jungle to this. You couldn’t make it up Buttons.

‘You did it, brave little girl

‘She’s in safe hands


The story of Buttons, posted online yesterday by @Niall Harbison says:

"Little buttons proves that sometimes in life dreams do indeed come true.

"From being dumped in the middle of the jungle in Thailand to finding her forever home with Liam Gallagher in London.

"She was the only dog to ever invite herself into the little sanctuary as she had no food and nowhere to live.

"She had been deemed no longer cute enough by her family who moved on and left her there.

"Over the course of 2 weeks she slowly made friends and inched herself in.

"She was fully healthy so she has been in foster in Thailand with wellness with caroline and then I took her on the trip of a lifetime.

"It involved boats, taxis, planes, ferries, trains and 30 hours of travel.

"To say she was happy when she arrived would be an understatement.

"She immediately befriended all the humans as well as the cats (they’re not sure yet).

"Buttons did this all by herself by plucking up that courage initially looking for a better life.

"She’s relaxed at home, has settled in and is very much loved.

"The best girl there ever was".

The story of Button’s life has been reposted on Liam Gallagher Fan page.