Liam Gallagher claims brother Noel ‘blocked’ Oasis song at Taylor Hawkins tribute concert

Liam Gallagher has claimed that his brother Noel “blocked” him from playing an Oasis song at the tribute concert for the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The special concert at London’s Wembley Stadium was put on in honour of Hawkins, who was found dead in his hotel room in Colombia in March.

Other performers included Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, comedian Dave Chappelle, musician Nile Rodgers and Californian band Queens of the Stone Age.

On Wednesday (19 October), responding to a fan on Twitter who’d asked if any Oasis songs would feature in the Knebworth 22 documentary out next month, Liam tweeted: “No Oasis songs as the angry squirt has blocked them he also blocked the Oasis I sang for Taylor Hawkins’ tribute he’s a horrible little man.”

In a follow-up tweeted, he added: “You can stop us using the songs but you can’t erase our memories shame on you Noel Gallagher.”

The Independent has contacted both Gallagher brothers for comment. Noel has the rights to many of Oasis’s tracks, after the band split in 2009.

Liam opened the event in September with renditions of Oasis’s 1994 tracks “Rock ‘N Roll Star” and “Live Forever”. It is unclear what Oasis song he wanted to perform that he allegedly couldn’t.

In an interview with The Independent in 2019, Hawkins talked about how he is “Team Liam”.

“He is truly one of the last great rock stars,” he said. “He just f***ing stands there on stage, the bastard, in his parka, eye-balling, with a tambourine that he’s not even playing. I just love him.”

Last year, Liam suggested that Oasis breaking up helped cement their legacy as one of the greatest British bands of all time.

The rock group split in 2009 after Noel’s heated confrontation with his younger brother Liam at Rock en Seine festival near Paris.

The breakup devastated fans, who have bombarded the brothers with pleas for a reunion ever since.

While Liam has supported the idea and tweeted at his brother to get on board, Noel has repeatedly said he is against it.