Liam Gallagher criticises Just Stop Oil for Stonehenge protest: ‘Don’t fuck with the stones’

Liam Gallagher poses in a denin patchwork jacket
Liam Gallagher. (Picture: Greg Williams)

Liam Gallagher has criticised Just Stop Oil for their high-profile protest at the ancient Stonehenge this week.

Yesterday (June 19), footage emerged of the climate protest group spraying their signature orange paint on the stones at the Wiltshire site, which attracted wide criticism.

Among those to share their disdain for the act was Gallagher, who responded to a video of the protest and tweeted: “Don’t fuck with the stones man they have mystical powers hope they all wake up tmoz and are all orange toads”.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also condemned the act, saying in a statement: “This is a disgraceful act of vandalism to one of the UK’s and the world’s oldest and most important monuments.”

Wiltshire police said: “We have arrested two people following an incident at Stonehenge this afternoon. At around noon, we responded to a report that orange paint had been sprayed on some of the stones by two suspects. Officers attended the scene and arrested two people on suspicion of damaging the ancient monument. Our inquiries are ongoing.”

Elsewhere, Gallagher dedicated a song to Noel at his Definitely Maybe show in Cardiff, while quipping that his brother was “still playing hard to get” when it comes to an Oasis reunion.