Liam Gallagher launches bid for number 10 to 'sort s*** out' and promises Oasis reunion as first law

Natasha Sporn

Liam Gallagher wants to become Prime Minister so he can “sort s*** out” – and his first move would be an Oasis reunion.

The Paper Crown singer launched his bid to become the country’s next leader, saying that he has “had many number 1s” and has “dabbled in drugs” but now wants to tackle politics.

“My name is Liam Gallagher I have 4 beautiful children I have dabbled in drugs over the years I’ve had many number 1s,” he wrote on Twitter. “Now send me the keys to no10 I’ll sort this pile of s*** out WHY ME? WHY NOT.”

Responding to a fan asking what the first thing he would do in power, Gallagher said: “Get Oasis back together I’d make it law.”

His comments came hours before the second televised Conservative Leadership Debate, in which the likes of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove went head-to-head to battle it out in a bid to take over from Theresa May.

Gallagher is set to release a new album Why Me? Why Not in September, having dropped the first single from it, Shockwave, last week.

And the artist has revealed that one of the tracks on his upcoming record is a tribute to his estranged daughter Molly, who he first met last year.

“There’s one that I’ve done for my daughter Molly called Now That I’ve Found You [...],” he told Chris Moyles on Radio X.

“Not that she was lost or anything, or she was captured by the Taliban or anything like that. But it’s got a ‘now that you’re in my life’ kind of vibe. It’s cool. It’s nice.”

Molly was born to Lisa Moorish in 1998, having had an affair with Gallagher while he was still married to Patsy Kensit.

He had previously told GQ: “The kid I haven’t seen. We’ll see one day, but, no, not seen her. But if I met her, she’d be cool.

“She’s welcome in my world and that, you know what I mean? Without a doubt. But I just ain’t met her because her mam’s... Listen, we don’t work. We don’t get on.”

He is also father to Lennon, 19, and Gene, 17, who he shares with Patsy Kensit and Nicole Appleton respectively.