Who is Liam Llewellyn? Love Island 2022 contestant and Welsh student

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Love Island is back. Eleven islanders–five women and six men–entered the villa on Monday hoping to find love.

The sexy singletons are spending the summer in a luxury Majorcan villa–while reality TV fans tune in every night to find out who will hit it off and who will simply be pied off.

The first wave of Love Island contestants have been coupled up and are getting to know each other. But with heads already turned, how long will the original pairings last?

One of the original islanders is Liam Llewellyn–find out everything we know about him so far…

Who is Liam Llewellyn?

Liam Llewellyn is a 22-year-old from Newport, South Wales, studying for a Master’s degree in strength and conditioning.

Liam’s heading to the villa because he thinks, “Love Island is a great opportunity to meet someone, you’re in with a load of different types, so you can get to grips with what you really like about people.”

He’s going to bring “good energy” to the show and says he’s “good company to be around,” as well as “smiley.”

“Before, I’ve been in places I don’t want to be but I can still put a nice smile on and make it as enjoyable as it can,” he says, “So I’ll definitely bring some positive energy.”

He says his family would describe him as “quite generous, quite caring, happy, chatty, chirpy, bubbly,” but admits that his mum might say he’s “a little s**t.”

The series 8 line-up of islanders looking for love has been confirmed (ITV)
The series 8 line-up of islanders looking for love has been confirmed (ITV)

Liam thinks he’d make a great partner because he’s “quite caring,” and says, “if you’re part of my circle of friends and family, I’ll do anything for you.”

The 22-year-old has been single since November when a three-year relationship came to an end. But Liam’s made it clear that he’s been happy on his own, so he’s going into the villa because he wants to, not because he needs to.

Whether or not he will fall in love quickly on Love Island could go one way or the other, as the student says: “It’s hit or miss. I will either see a girl and be like, ‘I’m going to marry her one day’ and just picture myself making her breakfast in the morning or I’m a bit cold.”

Love Island 2022: Villa

And can we expect to see Liam treading on anyone’s toes? Maybe. He explained that, “If I can see two people who are absolutely made for each other, I’m not going to try and ruin it for them.

“I don’t want to create any bad tension between a couple but if I can see someone uncertain or unhappy, or not really sure what they want and I think I’m better suited to that person, then yeah, happily, no problem at all!”

Liam Llewellyn’s Instagram is @liamllew_.

Love Island is on every day at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV hub. Episodes are available the following morning on Britbox.

Love Island 2022: Contestants

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