Liam Payne 'gone cold' on Cheryl relationship as he 'focuses on solo career'

Emma Powell
Plagued: The celebrity couple have struggled to stop break-up rumours from spreading: Splash News

They put on a united front at the Brit Awards, but Liam Payne and Cheryl can’t shake rumours of a split.

The celebrity couple are said to be on the verge of a break-up as Payne is reportedly more committed to his solo career than Cheryl and their son Bear.

The former One Direction singer has allegedly “gone cold” on their relationship as he puts all his time into promoting his music world wide.

A source told The Sun :“Up until now everyone has assumed it’s Cheryl who has gone cold on the relationship but it's the other way around.

United front: Cheryl and Liam Payne at the Brit Awards last month (AP/Vianney Le Caer)

“Liam appears more committed to a pop star lifestyle than becoming a real family man.”

Trouble reportedly started after Cheryl is said to have knocked back Payne’s marriage proposals.

“He was very keen to marry Cheryl early on but she wasn’t up for it because of her two failed marriages,” the source added.

“Since then he has been on the road, with [Cheryl’s mother] Joan spending more time at the house.”

Going solo: Liam Payne on stage (Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Standard Online has contacted representatives for Cheryl and Payne for comment.

The news comes amid reports the couple are struggling to make their relationship work due to Payne’s travelling, with the singer spending most of the past six months on the road to promote his new music.

He recently returned home from Miami after flying out to shoot a new music video.

The couple, who share 11-month-old son Bear, attempted to quash rumours they are on the verge of splitting by putting on a united front at the Brit Awards.

They put on a loved up display – with Cheryl even cracking a joke about their sex life.

But some branded their appearance a “stunt” and claimed they “barely spoke” backstage.

Blasting the claims, Cheryl tweeted: “Oh stop no one cares who’s been speculatively arguing or not in their relationships. Use your platform to put something productive in your columns. I opened a centre this week that could help thousands of youth!!!!....

“..Oh and your ‘stunt’ theories are just ludicrous and a bit weird.”