Libby woman charged in incident involving teens at high school

Mar. 8—A Libby woman is facing a felony charge after an incident at the high school late last year.

Britni L. Green, 28, is accused of intimidation following a Dec. 18, 2023, fracas involving four juveniles at the school. She pleaded not guilty to the charge in Lincoln County District Court on Jan. 29. At a Feb. 26 hearing, attorneys on both sides agreed that a potential trial would last three days.

The case began when a woman and her son came to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office on Dec. 18 and alleged that Green threatened the teen earlier that day in the parking lot of the school. The incident was reported to Libby Police Chief Cody Ercanbrack earlier in the day, but due to the fact that the teenage boy is the son of a Libby police officer, it was passed on to county Det. Anthony Jenson.

According to Jenson's narrative, he received video copies of the incident, made by one of the juveniles. He also received a written statement from another alleged victim, a 16-year-old boy. Jenson wrote that it seemed there was an ongoing dispute between some students. He reported that during the week of Dec. 11 to Dec. 13, a vehicle occupied by two females, aged 15 and 16, parked behind the two pickup trucks belonging to the teenage boys. On Dec. 13, the 15-year-old girl parked behind them and turned on the high beam lights, reflecting off the vehicle's mirrors. Both boys said this hurt their eyes.

A female passenger in one of the trucks asked the girl to dim the lights, which she did. But after a few minutes, the girl put the high beams back on, according to the court document.

Then, on Dec. 18, both teenage boys parked in their usual spots at the high school. The teens said Green approached them and began to harass them. Green was accused of striking one of the boy's trucks and accused them of harassing a relative of hers. Green allegedly accused them of following her relative and another girl to a local grocery store and surrounding her vehicle the previous week.

According to Jenson's narrative, Green allegedly made comments about ripping off their faces, slashing their vehicle tires and keying their vehicles. The incident was recorded by one of the teens on her phone. Eventually, principal Jim Germany came out to get Green to leave.

On Dec. 20, Det. Jenson reported looking into the allegations that the teens had harassed Green's relative and her friend. He got a copy of the security video from the store. After reviewing the footage, Jenson said it appeared that there was no interaction between the teens in the store or the parking lot.

A day later, on Dec. 21, Jenson spoke to Green. She allegedly said her relative was harassed, was called names, had items stolen from her vehicle and the other teens were trying to get the relative in trouble. Green also said her relative's mother asked her to check on the girl. The mother allegedly sent photos of the teenager's trucks to Green.

Green allegedly said she went to the high school in an effort to get them to stop. Green also alleged one of the teens said his dad was a cop and, "he could do whatever he wanted." She also said one of the kids blew vape smoke in her face and that the girls threatened to get out of the trucks and fight her in the parking lot. Green also allegedly said the mother of her relative said she was going to report the harassment.

But when Det. Jenson checked to see if a report had been made, he found no record of it.

Jenson also spoke to the other 16-year-old boy and his parents and reviewed a written statement provided by the other boy. Jenson reported the same series of events occurred that each boy had reported. The detective, based on his investigation, wrote that it appeared Green went to the high school to threaten and intimidate the teenagers that she believed were harassing her relative.

A conviction for felony intimidation may result in a 10-year term in the Montana State Prison.