Liberal Democrats manifesto for General Election 2017: What will be in it and when will it be released?

Hatty Collier
Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron addresses supporters at the start of the election campaign: AFP/Getty Images

The Liberal Democrats are preparing to release the party's full election manifesto as they bid to gain dozens of seats in the snap poll on June 8.

Opposition to Brexit is set to dominate the Lib Dems' election campaign strategy and the party has already said a commitment to a second EU referendum will be included in the manifesto.

The party has also already hinted at a series of other pledges on the NHS, ending rough sleeping and a crackdown on the gig economy,

The manifesto document outlining the party’s key policies is expected to be published in the next fortnight.

Here is a preview of what we know and what is expected to be in the Lib Dems' election manifesto.


Nick Clegg said on Tuesday that the Lib Dems manifesto would include a commitment to another EU referendum where the party would campaign for remain.

The former deputy prime minister said that once talks are complete, voters should get two choices – accept the Brexit deal or stay in the EU.

The party will also argue that Britain must remain in the single market.


Tim Farron has announced that the Lib Dems will include a pledge to place long-term homeless people straight into independent homes rather than emergency shelters in a bid to end rough sleeping.

The policy would mean increasing grants to local authorities in order to fund homeless prevention services more effectively.

Mr Farron said his party would also reinstate housing benefit for 18 to 21-year-olds which was abolished just weeks ago.

Student tuition fees

The Lib Dems faced heavy criticism after it previously abandoned its flagship pledge to oppose any increase in tuition fees and restore free education. Performing a drastic U-turn, the cap on fees trebled from £3,000 to £9,000 under the coalition.

It is rumoured that the Lib Dems could include a pledge in its manifesto to slow the rate at which students have to pay back tuition fees in a bid to appeal to student voters again.


It is believed the Lib Dems are poised to unveil plans to stop employers from forcing staff to identify as self-employed with policies aimed at regulating the so-called “gig economy”.

A party spokesman told the HuffPost when it comes to employers seeking a flexible workforce “freedom cuts both ways” and that loopholes allowing bosses to tie staff to exclusivity deals should be closed.


The Lib Dems are expected to reveal a series of policies to address funding and capacity challenges in the NHS including making the case for increasing tax to guarantee the future of the health service.

The party has repeatedly said it is committed to additional investment in health and care services and improved mental health provision.

The Lib Dems also support the introduction of a regulated cannabis market in the UK and believe that legalising and regulating cannabis delivers significant health benefits to public health.