Liberia’s anti-corruption commission to investigate agriculture ministry's leadership

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Liberia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) is mounting a full-scale investigation into Minister of Agriculture Jeanine Milly Cooper, along with all of her deputies, according to a statement.

Cooper, her deputies, assistant ministers and others who have decision-making power are being investigated for conflict of interest and the way her ministry awarded agricultural contracts worth millions of US dollars.

In the statement, LACC Chairperson Edwin Kla Martin said the LACC was worried by "reckless disregard for public financial management laws, public procurement laws and the country's code of conduct for public officials at Liberia's agriculture ministry."

The commission called on those being investigated to fully cooperate with their offices, saying it will not tolerate delays or excuses during the probe.

According to the local press, Cooper is not in Liberia right now, but has been appraised of the situation.

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