Library improvements will be complete by the end of April

Mar. 28—GREENSBURG — "The project is set to be completely finished by the end of April," barring weather conditions that might cause delays, said Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library Director Vanessa Martin regarding renovations and improvements that have been underway since the fall of 2023.

The work involved includes a new, fully ADA-compliant entrance ramp, computer lab renovations featuring a mobile area, and an outdoor programming space which will include a covered concrete pad and seating area.

The project's $1.485 million budget came from a bond extension in September 2022 and covers insurance costs, architect fees and construction costs.

Martin did note the library is awaiting backordered furniture which should be available in mid-April for the outdoor space.

"I have heard lots of positive feedback from our patrons and community," Martin said about the renovations. "People especially love the remodeled children's restroom with all of the vivid tilework on the wall. Construction on the public restrooms took longer than expected, and there were some complaints because of that, but I've heard lots of positive comments about the newly renovated restrooms."

In an October 2023 Daily News article, Martin stated that she envisioned the outdoor space being used by patrons to relax and read outside or as a meeting spot for groups that want to be outside.

The idea for building an outdoor space dates back to a 2021 patron survey where many requested spaces outside to read and relax.

We recognized how important it would be for the future to create a usable outdoor space during the COVID-19 pandemic and started to see all of the opportunity the space had and all the things we were missing when we heard from our patrons on the survey, Martin said.

She believes this space is the perfect place to indulge in those activities as well as providing a place for outdoor movies, Story time, outdoor games and more.

The space could also potentially incorporate a small garden and sensory or interactive equipment for children.

Martin noted the library has always offered some outdoor programs and that having an outdoor space will serve as an extension of the library.

Noelle Maxwell: