Life coach advises to take yourself on a solo date once a week

A life coach says you should take yourself on a date once a week - and go to concerts, on holiday and to restaurants all on your own. Chantelle Dyson, 29, became a divorcee aged 26 and her entire life went into re-set mode after finding herself single for the first time in her adult life. She decided she didn't want to miss out on life because she was on her own and bit the bullet to do things on her own and enjoy singlehood. Chantelle started taking herself on dates to spend quality time alone such as reading in the park, having a solo movie night and going to concerts solo. Now she advises other women to do the same and says spending time alone allows women to "truly understand themselves" and have "better success" when they do decide to date. Despite finding love six months ago, Chantelle still takes time to take herself on dates without her partner. Chantelle, a love and life coach, from Chelmsford, Essex, said: "Three and a half years ago I separated from from my then husband and my whole life went into reset - I realised I was now single for the first time in my adult life. "The thing you go through most when you're single is thinking 'will I be alone forever?' "It's out of your control. The more time you spend with yourself, the more comfortable you are with yourself. "You don't need to be with someone, you're capable of doing all these fun things." Chantelle recommends women start small - by taking themselves to the cinema. She said: "The easy step is the cinema, no one is going to notice if you're on your own. "There is no expectation even if you're with someone else to speak with them." One of Chantelle's favourite dates is taking herself to the park with a book or notebook. She said: "You can take a book or note book with a snack or two on a nice spring day. "You can sit and people watch and say hello to some dog-walkers." Chantelle said going out to eat alone can be daunting but is rewarding. She said: "Restaurants are one of the most intimidating ones but you can enjoy your own company and it doesn't matter if you take a book or your phone. "If you were travelling for work, you would sit on your own and no one would pay any attention. "It's just you're doing it alone, as part of your free time." Another solo-date night idea is to have a movie and takeaway night. She said: "You should try and date yourself once a week. "It doesn't have to be extravagant - I used to think 'what would I do if I was in a relationship?' "I would have a movie night bed sheets, takeaway, my favourite snacks and fairy lights to make it magical." Now Chantelle is well-versed in dating herself and even attends festivals and goes on holiday alone.