Life-saving Clydebank hospital staff to feature in new tv show on Channel 5

The Hospital: Life on the Line on Channel 5 and My5 on Monday June 3 at 9pm.
-Credit: (Image: Channel 5 images)

A new TV show set in a Clydebank hospital is to follow the 'pioneering' work of an NHS cardiology ward.

The Hospital: Life on the Line is set to be filmed in the Golden Jubilee Hospital and will follow patients as they undergo everything from life-saving transplants to open-heart surgery.

Starting next week on Channel 5, film crews will also catch up with those who have 'embraced a new lease on life' following surgery at the busy hospital which carries out 1400 cardiac surgeries every year.

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The show, which features powerful and emotional stories, is hoping to showcase the amazing work the NHS does and the incredible health stories of the patients. It also aims to raise awareness of heart disease which is one of the biggest killers in the UK.

Episode one features 54-year-old Andy who was admitted to the cardiac unit after collapsing at home from a major heart attack. Hospital staff have to battle to repair his failing heart but find that he needs a heart transplant.

The Golden Jubilee National Hospital.
The Golden Jubilee National Hospital. -Credit:Daily Record

His partner of 25 years, Shabana, must wait for a suitable doner heart to become available. In the meantime, Andy’s specialist team is running out of options for ways to keep his heart pumping.

Anyone wishing to hear Andy's story can do so by tuning into The Hospital: Life on the Line on Channel 5 and My5 on Monday June 3 at 9pm.

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