Lightning Strikes Couple's Vehicle During Storm in Central California

A couple got quite a shock on November 8 when their vehicle was struck by lightning after they had just pulled into a parking spot in Tulare, California.

Edmond Reedy and his girlfriend Rebecca Gunsolus were in their car, about to pick up their friend Louis Trujillo for breakfast, when the lightning struck.

Trujillo’s CCTV camera captured the moment the car gets hit by lightning, followed by Gunsolus and Reedy exiting the vehicle and running toward Trujillo’s door.

Trujillo told KMPH, “I stared up the monitor and seen a bright flash and a fireball and then I see my buddy’s truck. It almost sounded like a nuke went off, just like, right here in the parking lot. It shook the whole building.”

The couple experienced ringing in their ears after the incident, they said, but sustained no other injuries, according to reports.

Trujillo told local media he wondered if it was bad karma for stopping in a handicap spot. Credit: Louis Trujillo via Storyful