Victor Hedman suffers scary laceration near eye at IIHF Worlds (Photo)

Sweden’s Victor Hedman required four stitches to close a wound suffered dangerously close to his left eye. (EPA/SASCHA STEINBACH)

Every so often, we’re reminded of the extraordinary hazards associated with world-class athletes wielding graphite while chasing a six-ounce rubber projectile at speeds only made possible by the razor blades attached to their feet.

This was one of those instances.

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Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman and Norris Trophy nominee Victor Hedman needed four stitches to repair a laceration suffered unbelievably close to his left eye when his visor split in a collision with an opponent on Friday afternoon while representing his native Sweden at the World Championship.

There is an amazing and terrifying collection of images over at Aftonbladet and “Inside Tre Kroner.”

Here are a few making the rounds on Twitter. Be careful, though; they’re not for the squeamish.

Visors are essential for protection, and the NHL absolutely made the right call by making it mandatory for incoming players to wear them. But this provides further proof that all bets are off when these shields malfunction.

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