Lights Flicker in Maryland Store as Powerful Storm Hits

Shoppers in College Park, Maryland, sheltered in a grocery store as a strong storm caused the lights to flicker on July 12.

Footage recorded by Philip Mecham shows shoppers sheltering inside a Lidl on Baltimore Avenue as the storm can be heard raging outside.

Mecham said: "I turned to see all of Lidl’s windows vibrating and shaking like crazy. I thought they were going to break!

“I could see a wall of water pouring and Lidl’s young trees outside were blowing bent at 45 degrees or more from the rain and blasts of wind,” he added.

Local media reported that up to 150,000 people had been without power following a series of storms in the DC area.

A separate report said one person was taken to hospital after the storm caused a house in College Park to split into two.

The City of College Park said on Twitter that it was working to clear up the damage caused by the storm. Credit: Philip Mecham via Storyful

Video transcript



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