'It's like a bruise': Son's accidental x-rated exchange with mum goes viral

Mr Heggie had developed a sty on his eye and not an STI. Source: Getty, file image.

An unfortunate misunderstanding between a mother and son over his health has led to an unforgettable text message exchange for both.

Dylan Heggie, from Glasgow, contacted his mother for medical advice when he developed a problem with his eye.

But instead of writing the medical term for an inflamed swelling on the eyelid, he misspelt the word sty, suggesting he had contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

“I’ve got a sti any suggestions on how to get rid of it,” Mr Heggie wrote to his mother.

“Honestly? What have you got Son?” the concerned parent responded.

Mr Heggie then proceeded to go into detail over the condition of his sty before quickly discovering his mother had the complete wrong end of the stick.

“It’s like a bruise,” he described.

“Is it on your Willy or your Testicals?” his mother then asked.

A mortified Mr Heggie quickly retreated, labelling his mother a “pedo” and telling her it was a problem with his eye and not his genitals.


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“OMG I thought you meant S.T.I,” the mother responded.

The Scot took to Twitter on Monday to share the hilarious exchange.

“Had a shocker,” he captioned a screenshot of the messages.

The post quickly became viral with over 85,000 likes and nearly 20,000 retweets.

“Spelling matters folks,” one user advised.