Lil Nas X dressed up as a blood-soaked tampon for Halloween, and not everyone was impressed

Lil Nas X dressed up as a blood-soaked tampon for Halloween, and not everyone was impressed
  • Lil Nas X dressed like a blood-soaked tampon for Halloween.

  • The "Montero" singer's look also included a long rope attached to a model of a vagina.

  • Some fans saw humor in the unique costume, while others called it "misogynistic."

Lil Nas X left fans divided with the debut of his latest Halloween costume: a blood-soaked tampon.

On Wednesday, the "Montero" singer, 24, shared an Instagram video of himself modeling his unique outfit choice for the spooky season. His costume was made up of a fake blood-stained white onesie shaped like a tampon, a blonde wig, and white latex-heeled boots.

The clip also showed him dancing and strutting on a sidewalk while holding a long rope attached to a huge paper model of a vagina.

Hours later, he uploaded a second video to TikTok where he could be seen breaking through the fake vagina and singing.

While some fans of the singer appeared to see a humorous side to the costume, others who left comments on the post were less than impressed. Some went as far as to insinuate that Lil Nas X's attention-grabbing look was misogynistic and an attempt to make fun of people who get their period.

Representatives of Lil Nas X did not respond to a request for comment.

"You can't tell me this is not mocking and trolling women," one user wrote.

Another commentator wrote that Lil Nas X was playing with "femininity for clout" while simultaneously disrespecting people who get their periods. "Bc vaginas n periods r like funny or scary or something," they added.

Lil Nas X at the Versace Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show.
Lil Nas X at the Versace Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show.Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Not everyone was as critical of Lil Nas X's costume choice, though. Some Instagram users said they found the costume "funny" and also saw it as a way to remove the stigma surrounding menstruation.

"Please, can we agree that, besides the fact that it's freaking funny, it's also important to TALK ABOUT PERIODS?? Like this is a big taboo for a lot of people (women, men or everyone else)," one user wrote.

"Well that's one way to normalize periods," another added.

While his latest Halloween look certainly got people talking, it's far from the first time that Lil Nas X has caused a stir with his bold fashion choices.

Since skyrocketing to fame with the release of his hit single "Old Town Road," the singer has been a regular at awards shows, often turning up to red carpets and performing onstage in memorable looks that push the boundaries of masculinity through style.

Some of his wildest fashion moments include the time he wore three different showstopping outfits to the 2021 Met Gala and when he caused a stir by announcing the release of his 2021 album "Montero" with a pregnancy announcement-themed photo shoot.

Lil Nas X responded to the backlash over his fake pregnancy photos by saying he's "not a representation of anyone" but himself and joking that the "negative energy" isn't good for the baby.

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