Lil Nas X ends up in a wheelchair after running half-marathon in designer sneakers

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X’s role as a Coach ambassador took a dark turn over the weekend thanks to an unfortunate pairing.

The “Industry Baby” rapper was spotted running the New York City Half Marathon on Sunday, with one glaring issue at play. Rather than wearing shoes for, you know, running, he had on a pair of designer Distressed High Top Sneakers from Coach.

According to Page Six, Lil Nas just straight up doesn’t own any running shoes, and had only run three miles in a single go prior to the event (which covers a span of about 13.1 miles). Apparently, he had planned to swing by a sneaker shop ahead of the marathon to grab some proper footwear, but the place he went to was closed. So he stuck with the brand he's been repping since becoming an ambassador for them in 2022.

Unfortunately, it seems as though his feet weren’t too happy with what went down.

“Well, the race...went well,” Lil Nas said in a video shared by Page Six, revealing himself to be seated in a wheelchair.

Despite ending up with style over support in terms of his shoes, the rapper still managed to finish the half-marathon in a little over two and a half hours…coming in 650th of 685 within his age group (20-24) and 23,064th out of 27,802 participants overall.

But fans are vibing with it, all things considered.

Honestly, it’s too bad Nike sued Lil Nas over those Satan Shoes a couple years back — it feels like they would have been a much better fit!