Lil Nas X finally unveils the release date for Call Me By Your Name. And also his shiny, shiny chest

Hilary Mitchell
·2-min read

Everyone’s favourite LGBT+ country rapper Lil Nas X has been keeping fans waiting for his upcoming single “Call Me By Your Name” for what feels like 50 years now, but as it’s hard to measure time during lockdown it’s probably only been a few months.

Still, that means the fact that Lil Nas X has finally confirmed the single’s release date is very exciting. He previously shared a cheeky teaser when a snippet of the song was used for a Logitech Superbowl ad: proving that it a) definitely exists and b) is a legit bop.

The song – “Montereo (Call Me By Your Name)” – is a reference to the 2017 Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet gay drama, and Lil Nas X has revealed the release date in a suitably queer way: with a Michaelangelo-themed nude photoshoot.

The cover art features the rapper oiled and naked in a parody of the Michaelangelo painting “The Creation of Adam”. Lil Nas X is holding a bow and arrow with the tip replaced by a pointing rubber hand.

Frankly, the whole thing looks like he bought it in the latest Lovehoney sale.

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The accompanying tweet confirms that the single will be released on 26 March, news that Lil Nas X’s fans reacted to with glee. However, other, more dirty-minded fans chose to react to the picture with extreme thirst instead. For example, one of the top replies to the tweet above is: “now remove the plant.”


If you want to be one of the first people to hear the track, you can pre-save it on Spotify or pre-add it on Apple Music here.