Lil Nas X trolls fans with Crazy Frog beef, Drake call & we're CACKLING

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is (theoretically) gearing up to release new music, which can only mean one thing — it's trolling season!

The rapper is back on his beloved bullshit this week, sharing a snippet of a new song while fabricating a video suggesting Drake calling him was the creative inspiration behind it all.

"You should sample the song that goes like—" fake-Drake says in the video, playing a bit from Crazy Frog's "Axel F."

Upping the drama, a few hours later, Lil Nas shared screenshots of him beefing with Crazy Frog (or, if you look more closely, "CrazyFog") on Instagram.

"He's saying like, I stole his song," Lil Nas said. "I'mma play his song, then I'm gonna play my song, and y'all tell me if this sounds anything alike."

He then proceeded to, of course, play the part of "Axel F" from his previous video.

There are still people out there who don't seem to realize the "Industry Baby" hitmaker is shitposting more often than not, and took this alleged beef with Crazy Frog really seriously.

Fortunately, others picked up on this being his way of diving into goofy promo more quickly, and were able to enjoy it for exactly what it is.

Now on to the next question—will Lil Nas actually release this song? Or is it yet another one that will forever remain just a snippet shared to social media?