Lilly Singh praised for putting mental health first as YouTube sensation announces she is taking a break

Sean Morrison
Lilly Singh speaks during a meeting focused on youth issues at the United Nations in September. The YouTuber has since said she is taking a break from her video channel: AFP/Getty Images

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh has been praised by fans for putting her mental health first and taking a break from the video platform.

The Canadian comedian and actress, 30, said she is “physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted” after pushing out content over an eight year period.

Singh, known also as IISuperwomanII, told her millions of fans she was stepping away from the website in an emotional final post.

She said: "YouTube, in all of its glory, it kind of is a machine and it makes creators believe that we have to pump out content consistently even at the cost of our health and our life and our mental happiness.”

The star, one of the platform’s highest earners, said she was struggling with burnout after posting videos consistently since 2010.

Fans responded with an outpouring of love and support for the popular vlogger following her announcement on Tuesday.

One wrote on Twitter: “I love you so much. We will all be right here whenever you’re ready to come back.”

Another said: “Lilly Singh has a 100% of my support and from all of my heart I truly wish her happiness.”

And one fan went so far as to create a pie chart to show there is no chance the YouTuber would be forgotten during her time off.

Singh did not say how long she expects to be absent from her channel, but thanked fans for their support after the announcement.

She wrote: “Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm excited to work on myself and am grateful for your support. I love you.”