Lily Allen Blasts Media’s Treatment Of Women’s Bodies After Slew Of Headlines About Her See-Through Top

Lily Allen has hit back at the media reporting that came after she was photographed in New Orleans wearing a see-through mesh top.

The singer was snapped earlier this week in a blue see-through shirt, with various outlets running the pictures alongside all of the headlines you’d expect, with lines like “leaves nothing to the imagination” and “bares all” being thrown around left, right and centre.

It was a now-deleted tweet from the Irish Mirror that proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for Lily, particularly as they’d mistakenly accompanied their headline about her with a photo of… a field.

Lily Allen performing in Texas last week (Photo: Rick Kern via Getty Images)

“Please get over yourselves, there is nothing outrageous about breasts,” she wrote. “Lots of people have them, they were originally made for feeding small humans with, they’re not rude sex bits.”

She added: “This rhetoric is so dangerous. Please STOP.”

Lily continued: “The media need to change the way they talk about wimmins. Breasts are not little secret fun bags, to be kept hidden until Man wishes to discover them for himself. Fuck that.”

Lily has frequently used social media to show she won’t be made to feel ashamed of her body, most notably earlier this year, when she had historic “upskirting” photos sent to her online.

Rather than responding in the way her detractors would have wanted, Lily instead retweeted the picture, along with the caption: “LOOK AT MY 2014 NEATLY TRIMMED VAGINA, 3 HUMANS CAME OUT OF THERE.”

She also seized the opportunity for a spot of promo, reminding fans that her album, the appropriately and brilliantly titled ‘No Shame’, was coming soon.

‘No Shame’ eventually reached number 8 in the UK albums chart, and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.


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