Lily Allen reveals dad Keith's fury at 'cocaine-induced heart attack' story in new book

Keith Allen (Credit: PA)
Keith Allen (Credit: PA)

Keith Allen wasn’t too happy to discover that he’d suffered a ‘cocaine-induced’ heart attack at Glastonbury, as told in his daughter Lily Allen’s new memoir.

The singer details the event in My Thoughts Exactly, which she says happened when she accompanied him to the festival aged 14.

According to a report in The Guardian, Allen was ‘loosely’ in the care of her father for the weekend, and following the incident was put up in a makeshift hospital bed on the site.

But it seems that she might have been mistaken as to the circumstances of her dad’s malady.

“I got quite a cross text from him this weekend,” she told Jonathan Ross.

“There was a big piece [in the press] and he texted me. He texted me, ‘Err cocaine induced heart attack at Glastonbury. Wow’.

Keith and Lily Allen (Credit: WENN)
Keith and Lily Allen (Credit: WENN)

“And I said, ‘Sorry that’s what I thought…’ ‘I said, ‘I’m really sorry if I got that wrong but that’s how I remembered it and you never explained it to me in any other way so that’s what I wrote’ and he said, ‘Well that’s not true’.

“And I said, ‘I’m really, really sorry if I got that wrong, what was it?’ And he said, ‘Acute food poisoning’.”

That sounds like a likely story too, but still.

The book details numerous anecdotes over the highs and lows of her career, including having sex with Liam Gallagher on a plane, knocking herself out after headbutting Orlando Bloom at a halloween party at Kate Hudson’s house, and the time Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin tried to stage an intervention.

The book is out now.

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