Lily Allen slated on Twitter for calls to 'ban football'

Mike P Williams

Another day, another misguided tweet from Lily Allen.

The outspoken singer got on the wrong side of the footy faithful when she suggested that the sport should be banned entirely, to avoid the risk of sexual abuse.

(Credit: REX)
(Credit: REX)

She riled people up with a tweet saying: ‘To be honest I think it’s time we talked about banning sports in this country. It’s clearly putting our young men and boys at risk of abuse. #banfootball

One responder went as far as to call her a ‘rambling womble’, which was one of the few repeatable comments directed her way.

Clearly her tongue-in-cheek comment went over the heads of many, with people tweeting her back all sorts of abuse.

Fortunately, some did pick up on her blase point of view.

The discussion arose from an article the Smile singer shared which was about the ex-footballers that had been sexually abused by coaches and the adults meant to be supervising them.

Her point, which didn’t connect with some people, was that addressing the problem rather than blaming football as a whole or a company was paramount.

Lilly has previous come under fire on social media when she apologised to refugees in Calais, sparking a huge backlash from anti-immigration groups.

Lily Allen at the Donald Trump protest at the US Embassy in London. (Credit: REX)
Lily Allen at the Donald Trump protest at the US Embassy in London. (Credit: REX)

Recently, the artist tweeted about forgetting to update her expried credit card, leaving her kids without Christmas presents which again encouraged users to engage with her to abuse or mock her situation.

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